The River Food Pantry – Dane County, WI

Our Mission

Food, resources and faith to build a stronger community

Our Vision

A fully nourished community

About Us
The River is South Central Wisconsin’s busiest food pantry. Services include free groceries and freshly prepared meals for pickup or delivery, online grocery orders, mobile meals, and after-hours food lockers. The River also redistributes rescued food and resources to local partners to increase access while minimizing waste. Since 2006, The River has grown to serve over 2,500 people every week in pursuit of its vision: a fully nourished community.

The River Food Pantry Raises Over $11 Million to Build New Facility on Madison’s Northside

The River Food Pantry has raised over $11,450,000 to construct a new, larger, purpose-built facility on Madison’s northside to serve the rising number of people who rely on the pantry for healthy,...

Nominate The River Food Pantry for Best Charitable Organization & Customer Service in Madison!

Please help The River Food Pantry win the People’s Choice Awards for Best Charitable Organization and Best Customer Service in Madison! You can nominate 1 business in each category until...

2023 Food Waste Fighters

We are thrilled to recognize over 50 local food retailers as Food Waste Fighters for their significant donations of food and supplies in 2023 to The River to nourish Dane County households facing...

2023 Impact

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throughout Dane County served a total of