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External Audit Info

Over 97 percent of each dollar you donate to The River goes directly to people in need!

The following information is condensed from our 2015 GAP audit:

Donated Materials & Services $3,645,698 Program Services – Food Pantry $4,228,187
General Contributions $777,625 Program Services – Bakery $124,512
Fundraising Income $11,225 Management & General $52,949
Interest Income $809 Fundraising $57,587
Total Revenue $4,435,357 Total Expenses $4,463,235

The formula for calculating the overhead ratio for charities as mandated by United Way for their public Combined Federal Campaign is:

[(Management & General) + (Fundraising)] ÷ Total Revenue = Overhead

So doing for The River in 2015 yields a quotient of only 2.5{918852a69a60616e88a82620993cf36b4345f305c721475f9d710c27934046f7}:

[($52,949 + $57,587) ÷ $4,435,357] =2.5{918852a69a60616e88a82620993cf36b4345f305c721475f9d710c27934046f7}

This means that 97 percent of each dollar you donate to The River goes directly to people in need, in the form of food and clothing. The full audit report and IRS Form 990 are available by request. Just contact us and ask.  Please see our annual report.

Also, please remember that The River is a 501(c) (3) charity, so your donations are 100 percent tax deductible, and there are many convenient ways to give:

  • You can mail us your check payable to The River Food Pantry at 2201 Darwin Rd, Madison, WI 53704
  • You can make a donation with your credit card online
  • You can set up a monthly electronic funds transfer from your savings or checking account
  • Use our online form to submit a giving commitment

And thank you!

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