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River Delivers

River Delivers

The River has launched a free contactless food delivery program, called River Delivers, for those who are homebound and do not qualify for other delivery services! Deliveries are provided up to once a week and include groceries and other essential items, like diapers and specific dietary options, upon request.


To qualify to receive deliveries through River Delivers, you must:

  • Live in Dane County
  • Not qualify for established delivery services, such as Dry Hootch or Food Bridge
  • Not have a form of transportation to The River
  • Not have a friend, family member or neighbor to transport groceries from The River for you


  1. Please request a delivery at least 1 day before you need it.
  2. The River will schedule volunteers, called River Runners, to deliver your food between 10am–3pm on Tuesday–Friday.
  3. The River Runner will call you when they are on their way.
  4. The River Runner will bring your food to the outermost door of your home or apartment building, let you know they are there, and then leave space so you can bring your food inside.

Questions? Please contact Amanda Prusak, River Delivers Coordinator, at delivery@riverfoodpantry.org or (608) 661-1222.

Volunteers Needed!

More volunteers are necessary to meet the need for free food delivery to those who cannot leave home during the pandemic! Whether you can make one delivery or multiple, it all helps. Please sign up as a River Runner today!

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