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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to The River to receive boxed groceries?

If you are a registered client at The River…
Please bring the white registration card that The River has issued you. If you do not have your registration card when you visit, please bring an ID.

If you are visiting The River for the first time…
All you need to bring is an ID for the head of the household. You’ll receive an emailed link to fill out full registration for the full household (here). If you need assistance with the form, give us a call at (608) 442-8815 and we will be happy to pre-register you over the phone. We’ll ask that you bring in a piece of mail (proof of address) and a form of identification for each household member on your next visit.

Once you have your registration card, please bring it with you each time you visit
so that we can check you in fast and keep things moving!

PLEASE NOTE: When your card expires, we will need to verify that all the information we have is still current.

Can someone else pick up food for me?

If you are unable to come to The River, you can send someone as a proxy to pick up curbside groceries and meals for you. Please send them with your River Market card and a dated and signed note indicating they have permission to shop for you.

What if I can’t visit The River, but I need food? Will you deliver food to my house?

The River now has a free contactless food delivery program, called River Delivers, for those who are homebound and do not qualify for other delivery services! Deliveries are provided up to once a week and include groceries and other essential items, like diapers and specific dietary options, upon request. See qualifications and sign up for River Delivers here.

Low-income older adults in Madison and Monona may be eligible to participate in our free monthly food delivery program, called Food Bridge. Learn more here.

I can only pick up groceries and meals once a week at The River, I understand that, but does it need to be 7 or more days apart?

A “week” at The River starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday. You can pick up groceries and meals one time during that period.

Do I have to bring my verification every time?

Once we have an account set up for you, all you need is your River Market card each time. Cards are good for one year from the date of issue. If you have not received a card yet, please let us know.

If you do not have your card with you, please bring an ID.

What if my address or household size changes?
Just let us know and we will make the change! If your address changes, be sure to bring proof of your new address (mail addressed to you and dated within the last three months). If your household size increases, be sure to bring identification for the new person. If your household size decreases, the head of household can request that we remove members from the account.
Do you give rides?

No, rides home from The River are no longer provided due to COVID-19.

Where can I get information on other food pantries?

Call United Way at 2-1-1 and/or check out the Dane County food resources listed here.

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