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I feel truly humbled and blessed to have been chosen to lead The River. For me this is much more than a job, it is a vital ministry that builds and strengthens community by providing hope, dignity, and abundance to those who are marginalized by society. I feel called and sent to this mission. Expressing it in my Christian tradition, this is how we build the kingdom.

I am a non-profit leader whose mission throughout much of my career has been to help those who have less. After attending graduate school in Madison, I worked for a family foundation in New York City, where I served as Executive Director and worked closely with the founders. I moved to Naperville and began volunteering at Loaves & Fishes, a food pantry similar to The River. There I took on increasing responsibilities and became Executive Director in 2008. During my time at Loaves & Fishes, revenue grew 605{918852a69a60616e88a82620993cf36b4345f305c721475f9d710c27934046f7}, we met over a 250{918852a69a60616e88a82620993cf36b4345f305c721475f9d710c27934046f7} increase in demand due to the Recession, and the staff expanded from 4 to 20, and the volunteer base from 200 to 1,500.

Wanting to move back to Wisconsin and be closer to my mother, I returned to Milwaukee and took on the CEO role with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, a two-year contract which recently ended. There I worked at a strategic level to support food pantries around the region. I missed the contact with the people being served, and am very excited to bring my skill set and passion to this leadership opportunity with The River.

There is a very special spirit and culture at The River that I noticed right away. I would describe it as joyful, loving, and abundant. When we give to others it brings joy to everyone involved. We are a philanthropic organization and a charitable organization. Philanthropy in Greek means ‘love of humanity,’ and Charity comes from the Latin caritas meaning ‘loving-kindness.’ These virtues and values are very evident at The River.

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