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Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a feeling of satisfaction. A sense of fulfillment. It’s about providing nutrition while nourishing a connected community. The River counts on neighbors to help neighbors in need.

We invite you to step inside and take a seat at the table. See who we serve. See how we serve. See why we serve.

Food Pantry volunteers

Please arrive on time for a brief pre-session volunteer orientation and job assignment. If you have any questions, or to learn how your church, student group, organization, or company can help, please email us or call 608-442-8815, or volunteer@riverfoodpantry.org

Mobile Lunch Program Volunteers

The River is also looking for volunteers to help with our Madison Unites to Nourish Children at Home (MUNCH) program. MUNCH bridges the gap that exists when school lunch is not available on weekends and over school breaks. If you have questions, about the program please email munch@riverfoodpantry.org. Sign up HERE to volunteer for MUNCH.

Wondering what it’s like to volunteer at The River?

Professional Volunteering Opportunities

The River also occasionally needs volunteer professional expertise in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Special event coordination
  • Grant writing
  • Truck maintenance
  • Legal services

If you have any of these or any another professional expertise you believe might be of assistance to The River Food Pantry—thank you!and please email or call us at 608-442-8815.

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