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Volunteer with MUNCH

In response to COVID-19, The River seeks healthy volunteers who are not in the higher-risk demographic to help with our mobile lunch program, MUNCH (Madison Unites to Nourish Children at Home). This program provides mobile lunch services directly to children and teens within their local neighborhoods, where it is needed most. MUNCH bridges the gap that exists when school lunch is not available on weekends and over school breaks. You can also make a monetary donation to help support this vital program.

MUNCH volunteer opportunities include:

  Lunch Production Lunch Distribution
Sunday N/A N/A
N/A 10:45am–1:15pm & 2:15–4:15pm
N/A 10:45am–1:15pm & 2:15–4:15pm
N/A 10:45am–1:15pm & 2:15–4:15pm
N/A 10:45am–1:15pm & 2:15–4:15pm
Friday N/A 10:45am–1:15pm & 2:15–4:15pm
Saturday 8:30–10:30am 10:30am–2:15pm

NOTE: While we make every effort to place volunteers in the area in which they have signed up, client volume and the operational needs of The River may require us to adjust volunteer assignments. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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GROUP of Volunteers
Want to volunteer as a group with your church, student group, organization or company? Please email volunteer@riverfoodpantry.org with your group size and available dates. Groups must receive a confirmation email from The River staff in order to volunteer.
To sign up for community service at The River, please contact volunteer@riverfoodpantry.org or (608) 661-1224 to schedule a brief interview with our Volunteer Coordinator.
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To become a NEW volunteer at The River, please fill out this application form.

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