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Hosting a Food Drive

The River’s greatest challenge is getting enough food to keep our shelves stocked for the growing numbers of people seeking food assistance. You can help meet that challenge by hosting a food, fund or recycling drive. Here’s how:

Food Drive:

Borrow a food barrel from The River for use during your drive. Let us know the details of when and where and we’ll help you publicize it on our social media outlets. Here’s a list of the kind of non-perishables we need. Return the barrel and the food during our regular donation hours. If it’s more than you can handle yourself, let us know and we can come help pick it up. Click here to learn more.

Fund Drive:

For every $10 donated to The River, we can give away $100 worth of food! The River can stretch your dollar for the maximum impact for hungry families. Garage sales, bake sales, matching fund drives, penny wars, car washes, give your latte money, birthday parties–give donation instead of presents or cards, etc. We’d love to hear your creative ideas!

Recycling Drive:

The River can recycle your old cell phone, power cords and keys for money to purchase food. Host a “Cell Phone-a-Thon” or a “The Keys to Hunger Relief” or some other cleverly named drive at work or church or school. Contact us and we can get you the collection boxes. If you’d like to host a larger recycling drive for appliances, computers, etc. to benefit The River, learn more about eCycle_For_Hope.

If you plan to do a drive and want help promoting it, need a food barrel or recycling collection box please contact info@riverfoodpantry.org. Thanks for helping!

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