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Serve and Celebrate the Seven Years Of Partnership With The River In Making The Handwritten Bible In Madison.

The Handwritten Bible project began back in August 2010 by Len Lindsay.  How many pages would the Bible be when it is handwritten by over 300 different people? 4,000 pages! All the chapters were handwritten right here in the Madison area. However, people from all over: Texas, Boston, Puerto Rico, and even Australia wrote chapters during their time in Madison. The River Food Pantry was one of the first partners with the Handwritten Bible project seven years ago. Six Volumes contain the 66 books of the Bible with all 1,189 chapters. Over 40 translations of the Bible were used. Madison area artists created title pages for each of the 66 books of the Bible.  Chapters were written by two eight-year olds as well as people who have been retired for decades. Chapters were written by several generations of a family including one family who had four generations that each wrote their own chapter- the great grandma, the grandma, the mother and the daughter.

Lindsay has been involved with The River Food Pantry for more than ten years, many people at The River wrote chapters and even created the artwork, including clients, volunteers and staff. The River has been an integral part of the Handwritten Bible, providing a table for volumes to be displayed and chapters proofread every month, usually on the First Friday of the month. The Handwritten Bible as well as the mounted artwork for its title pages have been displayed inside the State Capitol several times already.

The first unveiling of all six volumes of the Handwritten Bible will be on Friday, April 20, 2018 at The River Food Pantry, 2201 Darwin Rd. Madison, WI 53704. The handwritten bible is unique and one of a kind. There is only one copy and the public is invited to view it and admire the uniqueness of each chapter at The River.

For more information on The River Food Pantry, visit www.riverfoodpantry.org.


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