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This summer, you might have received a letter in the mail from us. This letter was in support of our mobile lunch program, MUNCH. We wanted to update our community members about the progress of the program and things to look forward to this summer. This letter also asked for a gift to help this program continue to succeed. Support has been rolling in all summer, even through August, and the support has been overwhelming. We wanted to celebrate our recent update with you. 

We reached over $10,000 in gifts from individuals like you!

This has far exceeded our expectations and we’re still blown away. We wanted to take a moment and celebrate with you. This doesn’t even include the support that has come from your online gifts. This support is critical to The River’s vision of a fully nourished community. From gifts, volunteers, social media superstars and more, every one of you has supported our mission of providing food, faith and resources to build a stronger community.

Go on, celebrate. 

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