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Four summer interns at American Family Insurance selected The River Food Pantry as their non-profit for Share Tank. American Family Insurance’s “Share Tank” project required ten teams of interns to select a local non-profit organization, interview its managers, identify a need for the business and then develop a solution to the need. “Right away I knew I wanted to do The River Food Pantry for this project,” Intern Emmy Swift said. “I wanted to be involved with a non-profit that’s hands on with the people they are impacting.” Like the television program, “Shark Tank”, the teams then created a proposal and pitched it to a panel of judges at the American Family Insurance headquarters on Thursday, July 28.

During their presentation, interns Cyan Zhong, Swift, Precious Baah and Kevin Stubbs expressed the need for more space at The River Food Pantry and pitched an idea to invest in a new warehouse for The River. The team asserted the issues they experienced with The River functioning in an 11,000 square ft warehouse and how a building with at least 23,000 square ft. could make a major impact for The River.

During their presentation, Zhong said, “Investing in a new warehouse for The River would provide a bigger roof for the community in need.” After their presentation, the interns noted how much they enjoyed working on this project and volunteering at The River Food Pantry. Intern Swift even noted that she plans to continue volunteering at public shopping sessions with her and a few friends.

The River Food Pantry was proud to be part of “Share Tank” and all the work the interns put into this project.


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