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Kailey and Avery are little volunteers with big hearts. After helping make lunches for other children through our mobile lunch program (MUNCH), they decided to raise money for The River by raking leaves. With pride and excitement, the girls brought us their donation of $4.40. We are truly humbled by every form of support—no matter the size—that we receive from our volunteers and donors!

Share Your Love
To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we invite you to share your love with our community, just like Kailey and Avery did. Here are some ways to do so:

Respect, compassion, community, caring and generosity are our five core values that define everything we do at The River. Through all of these, we express love. However you choose to share your love, know that you make a difference to the thousands of Dane County households that we serve. Thank you for your continued support and compassion.

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