Volunteer Spotlight: Malik Terrab | The River Food Pantry
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“I love volunteering at The River not only because of the opportunity to serve my community, but also because of the stories and perspectives I gain from those I work with.” –Malik Terrab

Local high school senior, Malik Terrab, first began volunteering with The River in 2018 with his mother—and has continued ever since.

During market sessions, you can find Malik in the kitchen helping with FAM (Family At-Home Meals), handing out lunches to children through our mobile lunch program, MUNCH, and helping to prepare groceries for curbside pickup. He feels volunteering, especially during the pandemic, is a fulfilling use of his time.

“I definitely feel like you guys are taking COVID-19 seriously, so I feel very safe,” said Malik. “It’s a great way to give back to the community but also feel part of the community. It’s been an enlightening experience.”

In his free time, Malik and other high school students have taken the initiative throughout the pandemic to pick up food from The River and Second Harvest Foodbank to run a weekly pop-up pantry on Mondays at Honeysuckle Park on Madison’s east side.

“Food insecurity is an issue that I feel the community can help each other out with. It’s an important thing for anyone and everyone to get involved in, and it’s a great way to be connected and help others in the community,” Malik said.

As he prepares for college next fall, Malik plans to volunteer at The River when he is home on break.

Thanks for all you do, Malik!

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