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River Delivers

Volunteer with River Delivers

The River seeks volunteers, called “River Runners,” to help pick up groceries from The River to deliver to homebound households through our contactless delivery program, River Delivers! Whether you can make one delivery or multiple, it all helps.


  • Reliable
  • Friendly
  • Able to lift up to 30 pounds
  • Access to a reliable vehicle
  • A clean driving record
  • Current car insurance
  • Valid driver’s license
  • All River Runners operating their own vehicles must be 18 years of age or older. Children 12+ are welcome to join as long as they are always in the company of their guardian or trusted adult.

How It Works

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

  • Please wear a mask and gloves throughout this entire process.
  • Clear an area in your trunk or back seat to make room for several boxes of groceries.
  • Have your phone available to call customers after pick-up.


  • To get to The River (2201 Darwin Rd.), please pull into the parking lot off of Packers Ave/CV. While driving north on Packers Ave., this is a right-hand turn just before the intersection with Darwin, and right after La Crosse Seed on the right. When you enter the parking lot, you will see a mechanic shop on the left and Madison Home Furnishings on the right. Please drive forward to our warehouse on the left, go past the marketplace awnings, and, facing the warehouse to the right of the grass, back into the parking spot in front of the last loading dock in our building. If you enter The River’s parking lot on Darwin Rd., please drive straight forward between the two warehouses, and turn right, where you will see the loading dock and parking spot to back into immediately on your right.
  • A form with delivery information will be attached to your carts in the loading dock and a volunteer or staff member will be there to assist you.
  • Check the delivery information sheet to determine what extra items have been requested and ensure that those items are loaded as well.
  • A volunteer or the River Delivers Coordinator will have your deliveries ready at the loading dock, you may get out of your car to help load deliveries if you would like. Please maintain safe social distancing during this process.


  • Please call the household after the groceries are in your car and you are ready to leave The River. Give the customer an estimated time of arrival.
  • When you arrive at the home, please leave the groceries on the front step.
  • Inform the household you are there, either by calling them or knocking on their door.
  • As the customer opens their door to receive the groceries, please adhere to social distancing and step back at least 6 feet to help protect the health of everyone present. Please do not enter any buildings or homes. Please do not allow customers to reach into your vehicle.
  • Here are a few situations that may occur on deliveries:
    • If the customer lives in an apartment building, please ask them to meet you at the main door. You can treat this like their front door and step back for them to receive the food after you have placed it near the door.
    • If you cannot get in contact with the household, please leave the groceries at the office if they live in an apartment complex, or leave them at the front door of their home. For both situations, please leave a voicemail or text message informing the household about the location of their groceries. Please inform the River Delivers Coordinator at (608) 661-1222 if this happens so he may follow-up with the family. If you leave the groceries at an office, please do not label the with the household’s name, in order to maintain confidentiality.
  • Please remember to keep your mask and gloves on throughout this process.


  • Children 12+ are welcome to join as long as they are always in the company of their guardian or trusted adult.
  • Only individuals who have completed the confidentiality paperwork can be present for deliveries.
  • Repeating for emphasis: do not enter any building when completing deliveries, and do not allow anyone to reach into your vehicle!

Questions? Please contact (608) 661-1222 or delivery@riverfoodpantry.org.

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